Kal Naismith playing for Luton Town

Luton Town have a very exciting story from being relegated back to non – league football in 2009 and then working themselves through the league and have a chance to play in the Premier League in 2022 depending on the championship play-off games. The move from non-league to Premier League is almost unheard off. If they managed to reach the Premier League, they will be the 2nd team to do it after Wigan Athletic who managed to do it back in 2005.

The chance to play in the play – off games is great as it will bring a lot of revenue to Luton Two through broadcasting. This is because if we forget about international competitions the championship ploy off final is one the most financially single match. Not only are the games will be shown as main event on sky sports, but it also decides which team is able to join the top division of English Football in the following season. By winning the play off final and promotion to the Premier League. That team will gain a lot of money from the broadcast revenue alone. According to the Premier Leagues website and Goal.Com the broadcast revenue for the 2018-2019 play off final was 2.4 billion pounds and this distributed to all 20 teams in the Premier league. Also, promotion more of their games will be shown on TV bringing money with a lot more lucrative deal from potential sponsors. This will allow them to buy player which will hopefully improve team to compete in the Premier League next year or win the championship next year. This is proven by Aston Villa who promotes back into Premier League in 2019 by winning the play off finals. Within two years of being promoted Aston Villa were able to buy big player such as Emiliano Martinez from Arsenal and finish 11th in table in 2020-2021 season.

I believe the revival of this club of playing non-league football to Championship play of games is better story that Leicester City 2016 Premier League win. As a revival of a football team from non-league to Premier League is almost unheard of and it shows how unpredictable football can be. This story could also drive more fans to engage more with non-League football which could have an increase in revenue leading to more revival of non-leagues leading more competitive battle across all divisions.