Wolfden Creative

Wolfden Creative is a creative marketing agency based in Portsmouth, UK. Operating both in the UK and internationally, Wolfden Creative provides B2B marketing solutions to startups and business that want to better their reach, attract more customers, and scale.

Wolfden Creative specialise in branding, web solutions, social media and print marketing. With clients such as the University of Portsmouth, Hampshire Constabulary or Peer to Peer Finance Association, the business tailors their solutions to the client in order to maximise their growth, and reach their goals as well as maximising their ROI (return on investment).

Proud Moment

“When we worked with Hampshire Constabulary, we rebranded their whole department of events for the Victoria House building they own in Hamble. They host weddings and other private parties at this wonderful grade 2 listed building, and needed their branding, web presence and print marketing solutions to reflect how elegant the venue really is.¬†

Within the first 24 hours of the website being live after the launch, Hampshire Constabulary received wedding enquiries which brought in over 100% of return on investment.”

– Denis Brzozowski

Pyke & Co

Pyke & Co is a health & wellbeing startup I co-founded along with my business partner¬†Matt Pyke. Pyke & Co provides blue light blocking glasses, for people who are aware of the downfalls of the intake of blue light in the evenings. Blue light, emitted from laptops, phone screens, TV’s, LED’s, whilst needed during the day, in the evening it suppresses a natural hormone called Melatonin.

Melatonin is responsible for the sleep and wake balance in our bodies, and tells your body when to be tired and get some rest, and when to be awake. Back in the old days, people would wake up when the sun rose, and go to sleep when the sun went down. Now, due to the disruption of gadgets with artificial light, that theory no longer applies, and the blue light emitted from all of our devices tricks our brain into thinking that it is to stay awake, when in reality, you need to get some sleep.

Proud Moment

“When we visited the Health & Wellbeing @ Work Conference in 2018, although we were there to predominantly make commercial connections, we spoke to a lady who saw our Sleepwells to be the perfect thing for her young son, who often sacrifices a good night’s rest for video games, and watching TV before bed. Literally within days, we received messages from her saying that her son has never fallen asleep faster in his life, and never had such a restful night’s sleep before he started to regularly use the Sleepwells.

There’s nothing better than knowing that we’ve made an actual positive impact on a little boy’s life, and every day we strive to do the same for other kids, families and entrepreneurs!”

– Denis Brzozowski

The Social Masters

The social masters is a business I started in March 2018 with my business partner Lewis Raymond Taylor. TSM, as we call it, has one mission and one mission only. To make coaches and consultants authority figures in their niche. We combine the best of online business and mindset coaching from Lewis Raymond Taylor and his business Hunger Start, with the best of tech and digital marketing setup from Wolfden Creative and its creative team. Both Lewis and I have a close relationship with our clients over the course of our programmes, and guide them along their journey to becoming authority figures in their niche, getting more clients, and growing their businesses!

Proud Moment

“Our programmes at TSM are packed with value. We had interested clients before we had even launched! Our Ultimate Launch Package is a 12 week coaching programme, and all of the clients within our first month saw a huge increase within those 4 weeks already!”

– Denis Brzozowski