The 10 top apps for productivity

Whether it’s for the purpose of productivity, time kill or just to relax, everyone has a set of apps and websites they use pretty much on a daily basis, creating a routine you may not even realise. People rely heavily on mobile media apps a lot these days for purposes of business, leisure, news, productivity and much more. Here is a run down of 10 very good and useful apps and websites I use every day, and if they aren’t already, should be in your daily routine.
In no particular order.

This is the website I visit every morning directly in search for stories and cool things that have gone down in the media and technology world. Quite often I find myself clicking the link of an interesting story from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn which happens to be a article. The Verge provides great tech reviews, design features and general news mainly from across media, entertainment and science. In terms of the kind of news I looks for (design & tech), is the #1 go to for me.

2. Eventbrite
When looking for an event, of any sorts, I 100% always turn to Eventbrite. It’s a simple choice. All events no matter how big or small can be found within seconds, with great filters to reject the things that are not free, too far away, on a day you can’t make etc. I tend to find tech talks and network events on there all the time, all well advertised and brilliantly presented both through the app and the website. Eventbrite also lets you create an account, set filters on the kind of events you’re into, and save your registered ones in your profile for easy access to the ticket on arrival. One of my favourite features, which sadly isn’t enabled for every event (depends on the hosts preferences) is the ability to sync your events with your Apple Wallet. Which brings us to #3.

3. Apple Wallet
As mentioned above, the ability to sync tickets from Eventbrite directly to my Apple Wallet is my favourite feature from the two. Brings all my registered events into one place, sorted by date, synced to calendar and easy to access. I am yet to try it with airline tickets for Ryanair or WizzAir. But I’m sure the Wallet will be just as useful as with anything else. Will let you know.

4. Instagram
Easily the most used app on my phone. I’m not going to bother checking my usage status for this app on my iPhone because I know for a fact I open it up at least once an hour. Instagram is a great way to reach out to your target audience, build a community and most importantly get inspired. My love for Instagram perfectly balances out and explains my hate for Pinterest. I hate Pinterest. Pinterest is pointless and lives in the shadow of Instagram in my eyes. But this isn’t a paragraph about hating on Pinterest. I will need a whole blog post for that. Going back to the big daddy of visual content, Instagram. This is the best online environment for creative inspiration. Every day I see and like content that make me think ‘I can do that’, ‘I can do that better’, ‘Never do that, that looks horrible’, ‘This is inspirational’. This is how awesome, innovative content gets made. Creatives feed off of other creatives’ passion and inspiration. And Instagram is the place to be for anyone that has something visual and inspiring to show for themselves.

5. Work Hard Anywhere
WHA is a great online community for freelancers and travellers that are always on the lookout for a mobile office space. With the Work Hard Anywhere app you can find, review and share great or not so great cafes around anywhere you go. Instantly helps the next person that goes on to look and find that this particular establishment has very overpriced bagels and barely any sockets to plug your laptop into, but there’s a lovely bistro around the corner with plenty of seating and free wifi. I have used the app numerous times, even since the pioneer user testing days, and I’m telling you, it works brilliantly. Oh and they also sell awesome merch on their website like laptop decals, handy notebooks and useful wearables. Go check them out at

VSCO is the best app to make everyone feel like a photographer, even if you’re not. VSCO lets you edit an image on the go in many great ways. Filters are still the most common way of editing a mobile snap, but you can adjust the image manually if you wish. VSCO has its own ‘grid’ where you can upload your pictures, or just save them in your camera roll. Unlike Instagram, you can just edit something and overwrite it, whereas with Insta you have to post it straight up. I normally take the shot with my phone camera, upload to VSCO to edit, then upload to Instagram to share. A great piece of kit.

7. Seven Minute Workout
This is easily the best way to stay on top of keeping fairly fit in your day to day life. I started using it several weeks ago and it’s encouraging enough to do it every day, and not too long / draining to get bored of doing it every 24 hours. The Seven minute workout app essentially gives you 12 workout routines to do in 7 minutes, at 30 seconds each. As you progress you unlock higher levels and the ability to try some new exercises. I’m personally not into the fitness scene drastically, but doing a workout for 7 minutes each day is definitely worth it to feel much better throughout your day. Reducing stress and getting that little extra boost of energy is essential. Recommend using it every morning.

8. Spotify
Spotify is one of the world leading music streaming services with millions of active users each day. This one is definitely at the top of my list, as well as it should be the top of yours. We all know what Spotify does and why we love it, but it can be used for productivity as well as just chillin’ listening to your favourite tracks. I like to use Spotify when I dive deep into doing work for a couple of hours, or whilst doing a 7 minute workout as stated above. Spotify has a brilliant discover ‘moods’ feature that lets you hear new sounds that are perfectly suited to what you are doing. Workout, Sleep, Focus, whatever it may be, Spotify has it. Lets face it, listening to your favourite bands whilst trying to focus will end up with you singing along to Monarchy of Roses by the Red Hot Chili Peppers as opposed to doing your work. I love using the Focus category to find tracks that are said to be best to work to. My favourite playlist has to be ‘Beats To Think To’ by Spotify Deutschland.

9. OneNote
OneNote is the best and simplest quick launch notes app I know. It’s the very thing I am writing the draft for this blog post in. It’s simple to use, nicely organised and syncs with all your devices. I use it mainly on my Windows 10 laptop. I’m also not one to take notes on my phone, but there are iOS and Android versions that are just as good as the PC app. Who has time for saving masses of word documents with drafts and to do lists. OneNote lets me keep separate tabs for the every single project, every class I take, my blog, daily notes, to do lists and much more.

10. Google Drive
As far as file sharing goes, I’ve never been a fan. Something always goes missing, syncs in the wrong way, uploads but doesn’t actually upload etc. Google Drive seems to come as close to a good file sharing service as anything, especially Dropbox. I use Google Drive for many personal projects where I need to access things from my phone, as well as pretty much all my University projects that need to be shared with colleagues and lecturers. Syncs nicely with my email and allows to edit & present presentations and documents straight from the built-in editor. Definitely on my daily usage list.

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