Audiobook review: #AskGaryVee

The truth is, when it comes to Gary Vee, you always know what you’re going to get. A deep, no bu***hit insight into something you have been needing to hear. One of his books, #AskGaryVee, is a huge collection of precisely that. 11 hours and 37 minutes of motivating content that will make you get your hustle on immediately. The entire book is constructed of hundreds of questions viewers of the ‘Ask Gary Vee videos’ have been asking over the years. All you need to do is listen on to Gary’s answers.



When it comes to Gary Vaynerchuk, he is one of a kind when it comes to the way he portrays his content. His tone of voice and messaging is very raw, and straight to the point. He is best perceived when ‘freestyling’ and simply spitting the truth, as opposed to reading from a script or a note. This really resonates in the first chapter of the audiobook. You can really tell he is trying to stick to the script, and simply read with a consistent flow, like you are right now. But this doesn’t last long. He very quickly goes off-track and submerges into a number of mini rants here and there to further emphasise whatever point he is making. I can tell how to some this becomes a disadvantage, as it essentially turns into a one-person podcast from this point onwards. I however think it’s best presented like this. It was physically painful listening to 15 minutes of GV trying his best to avoid the temptation to go off-script. And I’m glad he did, as his points are made far more emphasised this way.


Because of the way the book is structured, and the fact that the information is all sourced from the ‘best of’ the ‘Ask Gary Vee videos’, as you can imagine all of the information and content of the book is to a high standard. There are no slow bits or fast bit when it comes to the level of activity, there’s no ‘bad chapter’, it’s all straight-talking insightful advice that’s practical at the same time.


One of my favourite things is the fact that you are introduced to many guest readers throughout the book. GV has brought in a special person to read out a small number of questions, usually between 5 and 10. This is a really good collaborative method, it allows for the listener to hear and find out about some influential people they should be following. You also get a deeper insight into Gary’s connections, and who he operates with on business terms. My biggest surprise was when Kevin Jonas jumped in to read a few questions, seeing as the oldest member of the now-broken-up Jonas band and the undisputed fortune 500 sales and marketing king were a combination I would never have thought to be hanging out on the side.



As with any book, there are some drawbacks. In the case of GV’s content, it’s of course the fact that it can get quite repetitive. This is a popular opinion amongst fans of his content, and it’s true. There’s only so much insight you can gain when you’ve heard it all before. That’s not to say that all the advice and information that is packed into this book isn’t useful, but if you follow Gary Vaynerchuk closely, you will have heard a lot of it before.

If you have watched all #AskGaryVee videos, you’ve pretty much read the book
I’m going to put down the whole structure of the book as a negative. Even though it’s packed with info and practical advice, if you have seen every episode of #AskGaryVee on YouTube, then you have essentially heard everything in the book. The book heavily relies on questions asked in past episodes, which if you have seen a lot of (I haven’t), then you may find the book repetitive. Saying that, on several occasions Gary explains how the answer given to a particular question on the video 2 or 3 years ago is incorrect now, as of course we are aware that technology changes at a pace much faster that Gary can churn out marketing novels. So I guess the silver lining part lies in the answers to questions that are out of date, in which case Gary gives a whole new response, and explains why that is. Overall however, I would have liked the book to have a lot more original content.

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